Scott Stockdale

YouTube Script Writer for creative entrepreneurs

Okay, raise your hand if this sounds familiar ✋

You want to make YouTube videos but your time is stretched. Other tasks are mounting. You haven’t got enough hours in the day to write, research, and edit high-quality scripts.

This is a problem.

According to Statista, YouTube has 2.6 billion users worldwide, and it’s ranked as the second most popular social network. The only platform that has more active users is Facebook 👀

The good news is I can help.

My name’s Scott and I help creative entrepreneurs write concise, jargon-free YouTube scripts that pack a punch. Zero buzzwords. Zero fluff.

People watch videos that hook them. People watch videos that educate & inspire them. People watch videos that make them FEEL something.

My scripts do all these things.

Here's what past clients have said about my work 👇

"Scott wrote a script for me for my new YouTube channel and I absolutely loved his work ethic, his attention to detail, and the questions he asked when drafting the script. Would work with him again, and he was a pleasure to be around!" - Humphrey Yang | Finance YouTuber with over 760,000 subscribers

"Scott is a master of his craft! When I reached out to him after having followed his Medium content for a while to see if he could write blog content for Codum's website, I wasn't sure what to expect. No need to worry, though. After agreeing on a proposal, he wrote engaging content for our website, and a few months later, Codum is now ranking in position #1 on Google UK search results! Scott's a pleasure to work with, extremely reliable, a great communicator and I would highly recommend him to any business :)" - Isabella Hoesch | Founder of

I’ve applied this no-BS approach to writing on Medium:

📝 A total of 500,000+ views on my articles
💻 Published in Start it Up, Entrepreneur's Handbook, Better Humans, Better Marketing, Mind Cafe, and Curious

A few extra details about me:

👉 3 years of experience working in SEO
👉 SEO instructor with Zero to Mastery (ZTM)
👉 Over 1,000 students taught through my Udemy, Skillshare, and ZTM courses
👉 I've interviewed over 60 founders and entrepreneurs on my podcast, Entrepreneurs Can Party
👉 Soon to be a digital nomad

Interested in working with me?

Slide into my DMs or email me at 😊